Cluckwits on the Loose

The daily barrage of Cluckwits across our social channels resembles the advance of Saruman’s army on Helm’s Deep. Each morning, bow and arrow in one hand, cup of tea in the other, our social media team mutters the immortal phrase “and so it begins”, as they fire off their first volley of sarcastic retorts. It’s an unconventional way to make a living.

Over the last year or so, our Cluckwits have consistently entertained us, but until now, for the good of humanity, we have kept them safely kettled online. And then one day, the devil got into us, and we started to wonder what would happen if we released them into the wild. And so we did. We can’t help it. We’re anarchicks™

London, Paris, New York City, Everyone’s Talking ‘Bout Cluckwittery

We know this is not how the song goes and – in more bad news for pedants – this is not where we posted our ads either. But, we liked how it sounded and it’s been a long day, so we’re sticking with it. And, in any case, the London bit is absolutely true. We have shared some of our most precious Cluckwit moments with the millions of commuters and travellers passing through 115 of London’s Underground stations. 

Sometimes, we like to imagine the exact moment that Eric, standing on the platform, furiously pumping away at his executive stress ball, finally realises he’s made it big. It brings a tear to the eye, doesn’t it?

Havering, Watford, Glasgow City, Everyone’s Talking ‘Bout Cluckwittery

We didn’t just let them loose in the London Underground; we released Cluckwits all over the country, from Birmingham to Bradford to Bristol, and from South Tyneside to Stirling to Slough.

They’re out there right now, plastered over phone boxes, where they are not only making people chuckle, they are making people think, and maybe even persuading some to give VFC a try. And that would be a really nice outcome. In between our ridiculous photoshoots, daft jokes, and nonsensical blogs, we really should have a crack at selling some VFC

You’ll find it in Tesco and Asda. In case you were wondering.

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