Vegan Fried

Original Recipe Crispy

Vegan fried Chick*n pieces made from wheat protein in a southern fried and crispy corn flake coating. Frozen for maximum flavour.


Vegan Fried Chick*n fillets in a crispy and spicy corn flake coating.

Little Rebel’s Range

Vegan Fried Chick*n shapes in a crispy southern fried corn flake coating.

Got Questions?

What is VFC made from?

It’s made from wheat protein wrapped in a crispy southern fried corn flake coating

How do I cook VFC?

The Bites and Fillets cook in around 20 minutes at 200C, while the Popcorn Chick*n takes 12-14 minutes.

Where can I buy VFC?

In 370 Tesco stores, 116 Sainsbury’s stores and 76 ASDA stores, as well as at The Vegan Kind, Mighty Plants and Suma Wholesale. Check our Stockists to find VFC near you.

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