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Rebels with a cause

We like a joke as much as the next clown but we are absolutely serious about protecting our planet and its inhabitants. An independent audit by eco assessors Mondra found that VFC beat generic animal-based southern fried chicken in every single environmental category. In fact, VFC is a straight A student.

Be an eco-warrior. Have VFC for your tea.


We’re prioritising paper. It’s sustainable, renewable and recyclable, and it keeps our products in tip-top condition. We also use the bare minimum of plastic – it’s lightweight and no bigger than it must be. All our inks and adhesives are vegan. And our shipping cartons contain more than 90% recycled materials.

Revealing Our Eco Impact

As an ethical company, it’s important that we do good as well as taste good. Yes, we care about chickens but we’d also like a habitable planet. And so we commissioned an audit by Mondra to find out how VFC performed against generic fried chicken made from chickens. They found that gram for gram, VFC was better for the planet in every single environmental metric. We reacted in a stereotypically understated English way, and removed our trousers.

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