VFC Is Vegan Trademark Certified

VFC is vegan society certified

It was never up for debate that VFC is vegan, but just in case it wasn’t obvious enough from our name, our packaging, our mission statement, our marketing materials, and literally everything we say, do and produce, we decided to make it official, official. Like, put a label on it and change all your packaging, official.

All VFC products are now Vegan Trademark certified, so you can be 101% sure that no animals ever have, or ever will be, harmed or exploited making your favourite Vegan Fried Chick*n.

To get a little nerdy for a second, this certification is important, not only to give our packaging a snazzy glow-up, but because over 90% of vegans and vegetarians look for vegan verification on products, and 85% believe third-party certification is important. This certification makes it easier than ever to pick out vegan products off the shelf and have confidence that what you are buying aligns with your ethics.

But, it not only helps you guys, the consumers, it also helps us. The Vegan Society audited our whole supply chain from start to finish and worked with our manufacturers and suppliers, to ensure that none of our ingredients involve or exploit animals or animal products. And we got full marks! We always were a bit of a teacher’s pet.

We know, as professional label scanners, this won’t be hard for you, but keep an eye out for our fancy new label which will be rolled out in stores over the next few weeks.

And, if you haven’t already hunted down your nearest VFC stockist, save yourself the supermarket roulette and use our super-handy-VFC-finder-thingy (trademark pending).

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