Vegan Food Tastes Bad

Well, no one can accuse you of verbal profligacy, can they William? And much as we admire conciseness, we have to be honest: your feedback is not important to us unless you have actually tried VFC. That would be like us calling a television channel to complain about being offended by a programme we didn’t watch. Oh, you’ve done that too, have you? Righto.

Nonetheless, we accept not everyone loves fried foods, vegan or otherwise, and there is no single food on the face of the earth that absolutely every loves, so maybe VFC is not for you, after all. But if you are not leaving similar comments on the pages of the big corporations that sell fried chickens, then is it possible that your comment is not so much about flavour as it is about VFC being vegan?

And that, to us, is odd. Because what could be more yuk than forcing birds to live in their own waste, cutting their throats, and scooping out their insides – a process known as ‘evisceration’, which is a key factor in spreading faecal matter and diseases from carcass to carcass? That’s why food poisoning is virtually synonymous with chicken and not with wheat.

Our wheat is harvested. No scooping of insides. No campylobacter. No blood, offal and slurry. I guess we just have different standards of hygiene. No offence, William.

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