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Chick*n Fillets

Vegan Fried chicken-style Fillets made with vegetable proteins in a southern fried and crispy corn flake coating. Frozen for maximum flavour.

  • 100% Vegan
  • Source of Protein
  • Planet Friendly
  • 190g Pack Weight
  • Frozen for Maximum Flavour

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You say the nicest things...

  • The flavour is very nice and the texture mimics the chicken nicely. Definitely the best vegan fried chicken I’ve tasted and would have it again.

    Joe, London
  • I am so impressed. The VFC crisped up beautifully – I very much like the mouthfeel and seasoning – not overly-salted which many can be.

    Clare, Richmond
  • It was soooooo good! I love the bites. And the fillets were delicious, a meal and a half really.

    Alexandra, Worcestershire

...although sometimes
you don't

  • Mark Smith

    I ain’t even gonna bother with this b.s. I’ll cook my broccoli sandwich and name it a hamburger.



    That’s nice dear.

  • Christoper Heaton

    Hi there VFC! . . . . like so many companies these days offer a vegetarian or vegan option to customers . . . . do you guys offer a proper meat based alternative for normal people who eat meat. Tia.



    short answer: no. Long answer: cluck no!

  • Rob Jones

    How about just normal fried chicken. You’ll have a much wider market because normal people hate vegans.



    We don’t do normal. We have a reputation to uphold. 😉

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