VFC is Fake Food

Peter, I think we need to go over this one more time:

Unicorns. Not real.

Santa. Not real.

Bigfoot. To be honest, we’re not sure.

Wheat. Very real.

It’s hard to believe that something as peculiar as plants really exist but they truly do. And if you start looking, we think you’ll see them everywhere. It’s like the Illuminati has finally given up trying to hide them. Perhaps they’re busy laying chemtrails and collecting alien DNA for our medical supplies.

Anyway, you can trust your eyes, Peter. If you’re outside getting on with your real life, you are likely to see green things growing up from the earth. That’s plants, and there are thousands of different types. They’re not all edible, so please don’t go gorging on deadly nightshade or water hemlock. Thankfully, farmers know which ones are good to eat and they grow these and sell them so we can eat tasty foods.

And here’s the bit that will blow you away, Peter. You’ve eaten wheat before. You have. It’s the main component of bread. Or do you think bread has been faked, too?

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