If We Didn’t Farm Animals We Would Hunt Wild Animals to Extinction

How do you like to be greeted by friends, Marc? Being smacked in the face or kicked in the shins? For dinner, would you like salmonella-infected chicken or campylobacter-infected turkey? On a night out, would you order a pint of treacle or a shot of vomit?

The point we hope we are making is that sometimes in life, there are more than two options, which is great news if neither option on the table sounds all that appealing. And when it comes to our diets, we’ll see your stated two options, and raise you one.

Choice 1: we incarcerate sentient beings inside factory farms, cause them appalling suffering, deprive them of their right to life, drive deforestation, exacerbate water pollution, and raise the risk of both antibiotic-resistant pathogens and future zoonotic pandemics.

Choice 2: we each arm ourselves with a gun, spear or crossbow and take to the wilds hunting rabbits, hedgehogs and coots (or jaguar, bears and gazelle in other parts of the world) and we continue to hunt every last animal until they are all gone, and then we starve.

But here we go, Marc, this is going to blow your mind…

Choice 3: we eat tasty foods that we buy from our local store that are made from plants, don’t cause suffering, reduce our climate impact, protect the natural world and will allow us to live healthily on an inhabitable planet for longer.

Always look for Option 3 Marc. Always look for Option 3.

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