A Catfish was Turned Female from Eating Soy

Ah, dear Marshal, if that indeed is your real name. You should be worried. The countries that have traditionally consumed the most soy and tofu per capita – including China and Japan – are notoriously single-sex countries, with populations in freefall due to the total lack of men.

And we hope you are sitting down, as we have some more bad news for you. First, you are already eating a metric cluck-ton of soy whenever you eat farmed animals. This is because most of the soy grown in the world goes into animal feed, and that, dear lad, goes into you. Noticed anything different lately?

Also, and we find this the most upsetting aspect of all, you are not a catfish. They’re really smart. They’ve even been recorded gluing their eggs to leaves to carry their precious cargo to safety, and they can remember a human voice call five years after last hearing it, whereas we strongly suspect you’ve forgotten most of this conversation already.

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