We’re Giving VFC Away

You know that guy in the pub who is having the absolute time of his life, and is offering to buy a round for all his new friends in the bar? Well, today, that’s us. But without the boozing, obviously. That’s right, we’ve only gone and made VFC free, and not just for a day, for three whole months. No gimmick. No trickery. Just free VFC.

Hear me out

OK, so it’s not a conventional sales tactic, and someone is probably losing their job if it all goes Pete Tong, but our thinking runs thus:

  1. We’re trying to save chickens, right?
  2. We’ve made three delicious products that look, cook and taste just like the meat from chickens
  3. So, how do we persuade the largest number of people who eat chickens to try VFC instead?
  4. We give it away.

We think you’ll agree that this is a beautiful inquiry leading to a logical and inevitable – if slightly disturbing – conclusion. It rather puts us in mind of the Socratic method of questioning, or Jessica Fletcher’s unfailing deductions, depending on your frame of reference.

How I Learned to Earn Rewards

So, here it is, the super-simple way to get free VFC:

  1. Buy a pack of VFC’s Bites, Fillets or Popcorn Chick*n from Tesco, Sainsbury’s or The Vegan Kind, and keep the receipt
  2. Visit our dedicated site and fill in the form 
  3. Upload a screenshot or photo of the receipt
  4. Wait for the cash to appear in your account

I’m amazed

Yes, we thought you might be. Today is the day, dear rebels, that you absolutely truly get something for nothing. And not just today. This offer is open until midnight on 2nd August, so you can hit the shops immediately or wallow in the delight of delayed gratification. That’s your call. But you only get one shot at this. You can’t get free VFC all day every day. Sorry, but the boss is rather keen not to lose his house.

All I think about now

We know, you’re Blown Away. You’re Caught In A Dream. You’re having a Lovely Day In Heaven. That is the correct response to such an offer, and we couldn’t be happier for you. Please do share this widely. Persuade a friend to order some, then invite yourself round for tea. If you play this right, you could be getting free dinners every night for the next three months. Just think of all the chickens you will save.

To keep Matthew sweet and to distract him from the jeopardy of giving away all the stock, we have hidden a whole bunch of Pixies song titles in this blog. If you spotted them, you’re absolutely one of us, a Level 10 Rebel, but we’re still not sending you more VFC. Haven’t we done enough already?

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