Reasons To Be Cheerful: 1, 2, VFC 3.0

VFC version 3.0

When we started our business, Adam was knocking up batches of VFC in his restaurant kitchen, and that was fine because you could count the number of our customers on one hand. Soon, however, word got out, and we needed more than one hand, so we hired more people and used their hands too. Eventually, we grew, moved to a factory, and developed v.2. And now we’re at it again. VFC 3.0 is here, and before you paint your placards and picket VFC HQ in defence of VFC 2.0, let us explain ourselves.

Why Mess With Perfection?

We know what you’re thinking. We got in bang-on with v.2 so what the heck are we doing mixing things up again? Well, it seems from our taste-tests that we still weren’t quite close enough to the texture of meat for some people, and our aim is to make VFC so good that there is literally no reason not to switch to chicken-free chick*n.

So, we made friends with some super clever people (in corporate speak, we “entered into strategic partnerships with market leaders” – wta?) who have helped us refine VFC and get even closer to the juiciness, taste, and texture of chickens’ meat. While we were at it, we had a little tinker with the coating to make it even crispier. Well, it keeps Adam out of trouble. VFC 3.0 is here, rebels, so you may as well give it a go.

VFC Popcorn Chick*n, Fillets and Tenders

We’ve Hatched A New Product

Big News No. 2: Not only will VFC 3.0 come in your favourite Popcorn Chick*n and Fillets, but we have incubated and hatched a brand-new product: VFC Tenders. These strips of vegan fried chick*n were made for dunking and dipping, so gather your sauces around you and prepare for good times. The full range of VFC will be available in both Tesco and Sainsbury’s in the first week of November, and will be in more retailers in the new year. 

We’re Bringing Spicy Back

Early adopters will remember when VFC came in a spicy version, and we know some people have been mourning its loss ever since. But, dear rebels, spicy never died. It just got sent to the subs bench while the OG led the charge. Today we can announce Big News No 3: we’re bringing spicy back just for the Fillets and they are so incredibly, deliciously, tastebud-tinglingly good™. Find them in the freezer aisle of Sainsbury’s stores across the UK.

VFC Spicy Fillet Chick*n Burger

Big News No. 4

Yep. There’s more. Nope. We cannot say what it is. We’ve been sworn to secrecy so please don’t ask us because we’re terrible at keeping secrets. For now, can’t you just be happy to check out VFC 3.0 Popcorn Chick*n and Fillets, dunk your brand new Tenders into every jar in your fridge, and get acquainted with our old friend, the Spicy Fillet? And when you’re lying on the floor, trousers loosened, and lost in a delirious post-VFC haze, just remember, there is even more to come.

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