You’re Just Copying Farmers

Are you OK, Will? Have you fallen? Banged your head?

It’s just that you’re making no sense at all. Farmers don’t make burgers and nuggets. They grow the plants that (or breed and fatten the animals who) go into them. It’s a two-stage process, do you see? Well, with meat products, it’s a three-stage process as there is the nasty business of slaughter in the middle. At VFC, we support farmers. We buy their wheat and all the other products that they grow and that we need to make our delicious vegan fried chick*n.

So, is it possible you are mixing up ‘farmers’ and ‘manufacturers’ here? If so, you may have accidentally stumbled across a valid point. We’ll hold our hands up. We didn’t invent popcorn chicken. That honour belongs to serial meat fabricator and proponent of the choke-free hotdog, Gene Gagliardi. [Emphasis on Gag.]

And while people seem to like these kinds of products very much, they’re becoming less and less keen on the old animals-suffering-to-death part. And that’s why we’ve made something just as tasty without that unpalatable bit. And, to do that, we – and all vegans who need to eat, which we believe is roughly 100 per cent of them – keep on supporting farmers.

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