Launching Stompers

VFC Chick*n Stompers

“You know what’s wrong with all our products?” asked Adam one day as we gathered to discuss new ways to take down animal agriculture. “The shapes.” Tumbleweed and blank faces all around. We figured Adam had been at the BBQ sauce again but then when we thought about it, we kind of agreed that he had a point. We’d modelled VFC on similar products made from chickens. It seemed sensible to match like for like, but we’re rebels, rule-breakers, and visionaries. We should be ploughing our own furrow. “We should make them in the shape of Che Guevara,” said Adam. We sent him out for the coffees.

Veto. Veto. Veto.

Could we get the face of Jesus, the Buddha, or Peter Singer into a nugget, we wondered? It seemed unlikely that they would be recognisable once coated and fried. The two-fingered peace sign was floated but how would anyone know if they were being held the correct way around? That could spark some fantastically anarchic mealtimes. We all got quite excited. “Veto,” said Alison, who knows a thing or two about what sweary food items supermarkets will stock. (None, it seems.) So we went back to the drawing board. Faces were out. Complicated cut-outs were out. There was to be absolutely no cussing, no appropriation, nothing from dictatorial regimes. This was hard! But, dear rebels, the answer was staring us in the face.

Vegan Fried Chick*n Stompers

Hello Stompers!

Our logo is a thing of beauty. It has hints of the CND logo, the anarchy symbol, a branch growing ever upwards, and – of course – a chicken’s footprint. It says everything we want it to say about us, and it’s the perfect shape for delicious vegan fried chick*n. As soon as we saw it, we knew. Alison made the call. “Hello, is that Sainsbury’s? We’ve had an idea…”

To cut a long story just a little bit shorter, they loved it, and packs of Stompers will be available in Sainsbury’s stores from November, retailing at £3.50 a pack. Adam is cock-a-hoop.

Big Kids, Little Kids

VFC Stompers were made with little rebels in mind, but you don’t have to show your passport when you buy them, so if you’re a big rebel with a penchant for foot-shaped foods, these are for you too. No judgement from us. We hope you love them, you beautiful weirdos.

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