Vegan Fried

Original Recipe

Vegan fried Chick*n pieces made from wheat protein in a southern fried and crispy corn flake coating. Frozen for maximum flavor.

Got Questions?

Isn’t soy bad for the planet?

Soy is connected to deforestation but there are two important things to know about it. The first is that most Amazon deforestation is for beef production, and only when the cows have stripped the area do the soy farmers move in. Second, most soy is grown to feed animals like chickens (but also pigs and fish) in factory farms all round the world. Vegan food is not the problem. Industrial animal farming is.

What is VFC made from?

It’s made from wheat protein wrapped in a crispy southern fried corn flake coating

How do I cook VFC?

The Bites and Fillets cook in around 20 minutes at 390°F, while the Popcorn Chick*n takes 12-14 minutes.

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