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Is VFC really better for the planet? Don’t crops grown for vegans have a huge environmental impact?

All farming has an impact but the amount of crops fed to farmed animals far outweighs the amount that people could eat. Meat production is fundamentally wasteful. Far fewer calories are returned in meat, milk and eggs than are fed to the animals in crops. And when you waste crops, you waste land, and when you do that you decimate wild spaces and wildlife. Research shows that almost all plant foods are better for the planet than almost all animal-based foods.

Is your packaging recycled?

We use as much paper-based packaging as possible which is sustainable, renewable and recyclable. Where necessary, we also use the bare minimum of recyclable plastic – it’s lightweight and no bigger than it must be.

Isn’t soy bad for the planet?

Soy is connected to deforestation but there are two important things to know about it. The first is that most Amazon deforestation is for beef production, and only when the cows have stripped the area do the soy farmers move in. Second, most soy is grown to feed animals like chickens (but also pigs and fish) in factory farms all round the world. Vegan food is not the problem. Industrial animal farming is.

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