An Update On The Rebellion – July 22

Hey Rebels! Rap festivals, boozed-up punters, screen-licking and puddle-snorkelling. It’s just another day at VFC HQ. So pop your VFC in the oven, get your squirty sauce at the ready, and settle down to read our latest cry for help. 

Not that Iceland

Big news! This month, VFC found its way into Iceland (the country, not the supermarket). We’re now stocked in the biggest vegan supermarket in the world, which happens to be located in that small country, as well as in 50% of Iceland’s major supermarkets. OK yes, that is only 50 stores but can’t you just be happy for us?

Check out our Instagram highlight for a list of store locations 👇

drunk people love VFC

We had an inkling when we launched that VFC would appeal to a certain demographic and that demographic was, in fact, drunk people. One visit to Wing Fest in Derby by our friend Joey Carbstrong, and that hunch was proven 100% correct. They may be three sheets to the wind, but these deliriously happy visitors still know great food when they taste it. 

going wireless

Nope, we’re not going to chuck it all in and live off-grid. Quite the opposite. We’re clambering back into the Cluck Truck and heading over to the Wireless Festival at Birmingham, where we’ll be fueling those party animals all day and most of the night. If you see us there this weekend – and you know how hard we are to miss – come over and try our wares.

Screen Lickers

Catering suppliers Brakes is hosting a Virtual Food Festival this summer and you’re all invited. If you’re in catering, you won’t want to miss this but anyone can pop by, check out the webinars and stands, download the VFC recipes, and listen to their own stomachs rumbling while wishing they had thought to make some snacks.

Hello, Is That Harvard? I’m Afraid You’re Wrong

We love to keep learning and we love positive news, and that’s why we’re doubly grateful that Terry from Facebook took a moment away from buffing his toenail collection to share some important information with us. You see, we’ve been worrying about how much water is wasted by the meat industry but it seems it isn’t wasted after all; it’s merely transmogrified. We can get it all back quite easily by sucking in the expelled breath of a cow or drinking from the puddle that collects beneath a farrowing crate. We had no idea it was so easy to recycle water! Thanks Terry!

For the animals, always,

Matthew & Adam

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